Data Responsibility – We Take Your Data Protection Seriously

We deal with personal data, and have therefore adopted the following Data Privacy Policy, which explains how we handle your data.

In order to protect your data as best possible, we continually assess how high the risk is that our use of this data could negatively impact your fundamental rights. We pay particular attention to the risk of discrimination, identity theft and the potential for suffering economic loss, loss of reputation and data confidentiality.


KROGERUP HØJSKOLE is the institution responsible for your data, and we ensure that your personal data is handled in agreement with the applicable legal regulations.

Contact details:
Krogerupvej 13
DK – 3050 Humlebæk

CVR-nr 44913216

Telefon: 49 19 03 80

We ensure fair and transparent handling of data
When we ask you to send us your personal data, we shall inform you of which information we require and why. You will also be told the timing for collection of your personal information (data).

If we collect information from other institutions or work partners, we will inform you, at the latest, 10 days after we have collected such data. We will tell you the aim of collecting such information and the legal ground that gives us permission to collect it.

Treatment of Personal Data

We Use the Following Type of Data About You

We use information (data) that helps us improve our service and ensures the quality of our product and services in connection with our contact to you.

The data we use includes:

– Normal personal data

– CPR number

– Sensitive data

– Biometric information

We do not share your data with any other body, for example with social media

We collect and store your personal data for a particular reason

We will only collect and store your personal data when there is a specific reason or other legitimate business aim.

This happens when we need it to:

– Administrate your relationship with us,

– Comply with the law

We may need to use your personal data for another reason than that for which it was collected. Unless you have given your express permission for such a new use, we will examine whether or not the original purpose for which the data was collected is compatible with its new use. We evaluate, for example, from which source the date comes and the normal or sensitive information we require to be used. We also evaluate whether the use of this date will have a negative effect on your freedom of action.

We only use relevant personal information (data)

We only use data that is relevant and sufficient in regard to the purpose that is defined above. The purpose is essential for deciding which type of data is relevant for us. We do not use more data than that which we need for a concrete purpose.

Before we use your personal data, we will assess how it is possible to minimise the amount of data we use. Will will also evaluate whether the type of date we use can be in an anonymous form. We do this whenever it does not impact our duties negatively nor the service we offer to you.

We only use necessary personal data

We only collect and store personal data which is necessary in order to complete our intended purpose. Beyond that there may be legal rules that state which types of data it is necessary to collect and store in order for our business to operate. The type and extent of the personal data we use can also be necessary in order to fulfill a contract or other legal obligation.

We regularly control and update your personal data

We ensure that your personal data is updated regularly.

As our service is dependent on your data being correct and up to date, we ask you to inform us of any relevant changes to your information (data). You can use the contact details stated above to communicate any changes to us.

To ensure the quality of your data, we have adopted internal rules and procedures for controlling and updating your personal data.

We delete your personal data that is no longer of use to us

We delete your personal data that is no longer of use to us in relation to the purpose for which it was first collected.

We require your consent before we begin using your personal data

We must be given your consent before we begin using your personal data for the purpose described above unless we have a legal reason for collecting it. We will inform you of such a legal ground and our legitimate interest in using your personal data.

Your permission is voluntary and can be removed at any time by informing us. You can use the contact information above if you require further information.

If we wish to use your personal data for any reason other than the original purpose, we must inform you of the new reason and request your consent before we begin using your data. If there is a  legal basis for such a use we shall inform you of this.

If, during our services, we are required to use data about a child, we must collect permission from a parent. We control, as far as possible, that permission is given by a parent that has parental rights over the child.

We do not pass on your personal data without your consent

We do not pass your data onto other parties without your express permission.

We do not pass on your data to parties in a third country.


We protect your personal data and have internal rules on information security We have adopted internal rules on information security which contain instructions and measures that protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost or changed; against unauthorised publication, and against non-permitted parties gaining access to it or knowledge of its contents.  

We have set down procedures for giving access to our employees who deal with sensitive personal data that covers information of personal interests or personal habits. We control their actual log in and use. To avoid data loss we regularly backup our computer system. We protect the secrecy and authenticity of your date with the help of encryption.

In the occurrence of a security breach, which puts you at high risk of discrimination, identity theft, economic loss, loss of reputation or any other significant disadvantage, we will inform you of the security breach as soon as possible.

Use of cookies


KROGERUP HØJSKOLE’s website uses sessions’ cookies

The can turn the cookies off in your browser and still use KROGERUP HØJSKOLE’s website.

Collection of visitors to KROGERUP HØJSKOLE’s website

KROGERUP HØJSKOLE regularly accesses statistics regarding the visitors to its website. It is not possible to recognise individual persons from this information.

When you have visited KROGERUP HØJSKOLE’s website we collect the following information about you:

  • which pages you have looked at and when: your  ”electronic footprint”,
  • which browser you use,
  • which ip-address you have, and
  • which username you have.

When you browse on the web, you leave an ‘electronic footprint, which indicates where you have been. That footprint begins as your browser sends information to a server, eg ‘I would like to see the page that belongs to the address

Most browsers send information that states their manufacturer and the version number, eg Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. The server can therefore show the site you have requested, as long as it is written correctly in your browser.

At the same time your browser request the site , it also sends other information to that particular server, such as your ip-address (your ‘address’ on the internet). The server therefore knows where the site you have requested should be sent to.

Depending on the operating system and browser you use, the browser often sends your username to the server (the username you use when you logged on to your computer).

You have the right to have access to your personal data

You have the right, at all times, to know which information (data) we use about you, where it comes from and what we are using it for. You can also find out how long we keep your personal data and who has access to this data.

If you request it, we can inform you as to which data we are using about you. Such access may be limited in so far as it impacts on another person’s privacy, trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

You can exercise your rights by referring to us. Our contact details are contained above.

You have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected or deleted

If you believe that the personal data we are storing about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have it deleted. You must contact us and inform as to in which way it is inaccurate and how it can be corrected.

In some cases we will have a duty to delete your personal data. This will happen if, for example, you remove your consent. If you believe the data is no longer necessary for the aim it was collected for, you can request that it is deleted. You can also contact us if you believe that your data is being used in a way that is contrary to the law or other legal duties.

When you refer to us with a request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we will examine as to whether the conditions are met and, if so, correct or delete the personal data as soon as possible.

You have the right to object to our use of your personal data

You can also object to our use of your data for a marketing aim. You can use the above contact details to send us your objection. If your objection is justified we will end such a use of your personal data.

You have the right to receive the personal data that you have made available to us and and that we have received from other parties based on your consent. If we receive personal data about you as an element of a contract to which you are part, you can also receive this data. You also have the right to send this data to another.

If you wish to exercise your right to data portability, you will receive your personal data from us in a commonly used format.

If you wish to obtain access to your data, have it corrected or deleted, or object to our handling of your data, we will examine as to whether it is possible, and answer your referral as soon as possible.

If you wish to complain about Krogerup Højskole’s use of your personal data, you can complain to Datatilsynet, which you can find further details on at

Contact us at:

Krogerup Højskole
Krogerupvej 13
DK – 3050 Humlebæk

CVR-nr 44913216

Telefon: 49 19 03 80