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Democracy, quality education and international sight

You decide what folk high school will be like. We recognize that as individuals you have many passions that you’ll want to pursue during your stay. This is why we aim to offer you a main subject, electives and social events that gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a subject or passion, where there isn’t focus on grades or homework, but rather on developing ideas and being an active participant. Every subject works to promote dialogue and democratic principles. You can expect your views to be challenged and to learn from your fellow students. Your teachers will be active sparring partners and are ready to listen and provide you with the tools necessary, but the success of the course depends on the decisions you make as a group.

At Krogerup Folk High School we focus on providing you with possibilities to becoming a responsible and innovative citizen, open and sympathetic towards other views and cultures. The goal is to put your knowledge and ideas into perspective and to expand your ability to become an independent critical thinker across disciplines.

What is a long course?

A long course is a minimum of 7 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks. You can choose between stays of 24, 17, 12, 9 or 7 weeks – it all depends on when you start. The stay is comprised of classes in your main course and electives, a trip for a minimum of two weeks, and a final project. To enroll, you must be 17 1/2 years old at the start of the course.

What does the long course consist of?

Krogerup offers 6 main subjects, five of which have Danish as a working language. For our international students we offer Crossing Borders in English. This will form the basis of your stay. In addition to the main subject, there are a number of electives to chose from – how many you chose depends on the length of your stay. For instance, if you chose a spring stay of 24 weeks, you will have two electives before the study tour and two after. This way you get to decide if you want to spend your time doing ceramics, producing movies, putting on a play, dancing, developing photos in our darkroom or realizing your inner Picasso in the atelier. You can also write, or study sociology, philosophy, globalization and politics. All electives offered to Crossing Borders students are in English and open for all courses. On the study tour you will get to visit parts of Denmark and southern Sweden and experience how innovative and sustainable ideas offer solutions in a new global order. After the tour, you will do a final project.

What about free time?

Apart from the academic side, a folk high school stay is full of parties, events, and social gatherings with a lot of other young people, whom you will be living with at the school. In a long stay there will also be about two optional home weekends.

Read more about what student life is like, when you go to Krogerup Folk High School.

An international Danish folk high school

The primary language at Krogerup Folk High School is Danish, but many assemblies, a monthly lecture and most plenaries are held in English to accommodate the many nationalities at the school. A number of electives are also held in English – you can see which ones on the Electives site, and the schedule will clearly indicate the teaching language. Being in an international environment means that you have a great opportunity to meet the world at Krogerup, to get to know other cultures and to practice your English – or Danish if you so desire.

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