Crossing Borders Course Outline

The Course Idea in Short

In this course, you will have the chance to try out your ideas and build your capacity to act in the world.
You will discover a global perspective in all that you do. You will meet the fellow youth from Denmark
and around the world, learn, work on projects and travel together with them. You will see globalization
from different perspectives. Global activism will be one possibility after this course. Global awareness
will be a certainty.

Crossing Borders is an interdisciplinary course designed for socially minded and globally oriented
students from Denmark and around the world.

Home visit

Bike tours

The Samsø ring

A space for dialogue


Out in nature

Course Aim

– Introduction to the Danish society, culture and welfare system.
– provide a unique learning environment for Danish and international students to raise their awareness
about the key global forces and structures affecting their lives
– provide dialogue space, communication and networking skills for active global citizenship with the
competencies to seek understanding, communicate, connect and cooperate across borders

Course Method

– focus on key current global issues of our time
– taught in English by a multicultural faculty to a diverse student body
– based on mutually complementing learning and action modules
– solid expert introductory inputs, active student participation leading to concrete results, e.g. articles,
short films, multimedia presentations, public actions, exhibitions, performances, and local or global
– Providing students with relevant knowledge, skills and tools for personal, academic and professional
development to be able to live, study and work in any corner of the world
– With key projects and activities driven by students’ own interests
– Arranging two-week sustainability study tour of Eco-villages, Samso clean energy island and urban
sustainability tour of Berlin.
– Study tours and exposure to Danish schools, public and civil society organizations

Course Modules

By the end of the course, you will complete the following 9 modules:
1. Introduction to the cultures where the students come including the Danish culture and welfare
2. Communication and presentation skills. This module gives students basic knowledge and
skills to understand the importance of and to practice effective communication and
presentation in the age of global interaction and interdependency
3. Exploring and analyzing the concept of globalization, how it is experienced and understood by
different people in different parts of the world. You will learn about how the modern
telecommunication and transportation systems are making the movement of people, ideas,
services and products easier and faster every day. You will understand how these movements
impact on every aspect of our lives, cultures, economies, environment and climate etc.
4. Learning about the 17 UN Global Goals for sustainable development and civil society actors
could contribute to their achievement by 2030
5. Global Institutions including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade
Organization and selected examples of the transnational corporations
6. The power of civil society and social movements in create a more just and inclusive
globalization, with examples from the countries the students come from.
7. The environment/climate module focusing on the impact of human activities on the
environment and climate change and how to generate innovative ideas and technologies to live
in harmony within the surrounding environment.
8. 2 week Sustainable Living Study Tour around some of the most innovative Eco villages, urban
sustainability and renewable energy centers in Denmark. The study tour is an application of the
climate and environment module.
9. The Media Module provides students with basic understanding of the increasing role of the
media in social, cultural, political and economic in the age of globalization. This module also
aims at inspiring the student to take use the social media for self and community empowerment
10. The Understanding Peace and Conflict module provides students with the knowledge about the
peace and conflict concepts, causes, issues, parties and needs to develop relevant tools for
conflict analysis toward peace building.
11. Social Entrepreneurship Project Management module gives the students basic knowledge how
to develop and transform their dreams and ideas into concrete project proposals using SWOT
(strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) and logical framework analysis.

Study-Tour in Denmark and Berlin

The main aim of the study-tour is to give Crossing Borders students a direct experience of the
sustainable and initiatives in the countryside, on Samso clean energy island and urban sustainability in
Berlin. The tour will take the students to the most innovative eco-centers and cultural sites of interests
in Ananda (anandaaaorii.dk), Samsø island: www.cbsnews.com

The study tour to Berlin explores urban sustainability including: circular economy: crclr.org

Green fashion: greenfashiontours.com

Mimycri: the Berlin project where migrants make refugee boats into bags: www.independent.co.uk

Inclusion gardens: www.bbc.com/

As the course focuses on the core, current global-issues of concern, you will experience sustainable
living in-action where ordinary citizens, civil society organizations and towns and cities walk. We will
meet, live and work with people who live in harmony with and not on their surrounding environment.
Thus, we will live with the local people and participate in the everyday activities of these innovative ecovillages and renewable energy centers.

Come, meet the world and get a global to explore the world with open eyes, mind and heart 🙂


In addition to the Crossing Borders global studies a range of creative or physical themes will be available as well. The following electives are offered in English for Fall 2017:

Before the travel:
– Study group A: International affairs; Dance, dance, dance; Outdoor life
– Study group B: Yoga, Social entrepreneurship, Video on the move

After the travel:
– Study group C: The living line; Sing  out, The big X-mas lunch

Please see a collective list and information about each elective on the Electives page.


A stay of 24 weeks in the spring will be divided as such

12 weeks

1 week

2 weeks

9 weeks

Main subject + 2 electives from block A and B Theme week about study tour Study tour in Denmark Main subject + 2 electives from block C and D


A stay of 18 weeks in the autumn will be divided as such

8 weeks

1 week

2 weeks

7 weeks

Main subject + 2 electives from block A and B Theme week about study tour Study tour in Denmark Main subject + 1 elective from block C


Teacher: Garba Diallo
Content: Communication, globalization theory, project management, conflict analysis and media awarenes
Study tour: Denmark
Course start: January and August
Duration: Spring – 8, 12 or 24 weeks / Autumn – 7, 8 or 18 weeks
Price: Autumn 2019 – 4.650 Euro. Spring 2020 – 5.920 Euro


As a teacher of Crossing Borders, I have a unique opportunity to interact with youth from around the globe and to learn to see the world through their different backgrounds and perspectives. In their stories, I have learned to see seeds of peace in the global challenges. I have come to believe that cultural diversity is as necessary as the biological diversity of the universe. Having such a multicultural group living under the same roof, studying, working in teams and traveling together seems to be the key to learning to live together on equal terms, which is the key to peaceful co-existence.

Garba Diallo, teacher at Crossing Borders



You might become a global citizen by traveling around the world, but you need Crossing Borders to become an active cititzen. Crossing Borders is a journey in life, which is not measured by distance, but instead by intellectual awakening, spiritual discovery and personal growth.

Mohammed Saber Mohammed, Kurdistan


CB - Ellen

I feel I’m not only learning whilst in class, but every second that I am here in Krogerup. I am constantly surrounded by fascinating people from across the globe with new and exciting ideas about our shared world. My time here is an experience I will never forget.

Ellen Killeen, Ireland


CB - Juri Vidal - Brazil

With Crossing Borders I become aware of my own knowledge, my inner voice and how to deal with different people and different cultures. You learn a lot inside the classroom and outside in the school community. It is a life-changing experience.

Yuri Vidal, Brazil


CB - Luisa Bao

I am learning more about life here than in my past 18 years. I am surrounded by people from all over the world who believe that a change is possible and are willing to work towards it just as I am. Furthermore, I found a home.

Luisa Boa, Spain

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