Travel in Denmark and southern Sweden

Innovation and sustainability

The main aim of the study tour is to give Crossing Borders students a direct experience of the sustainable and innovative aspects of Denmark and Sweden. The study tour will therefore give the students a taste of best practice in southern Sweden and Denmark. We will go to innovative eco-centers and cultural sites of interest in Malmö, Tomelilla, and Ystad in Sweden and then the Bright Green Island of Bornholm. During your stay you will experience sustainable living in action, where ordinary citizens and civil society organisations apply sustainability in their daily lives. We will meet, live, and work with people who live in harmony with and not on their surrounding environment.

Travel programme

We will spend the first two days of the trip in Scandinavia’s most culturally diverse and dynamic city of Malmö – just across the Sound from Copenhagen. Here we will visit and get a guided tour of sustainable urban planning and eco-friendly design.We will get an introduction lecture and a city tour starting from the Turning Torso, through the western harbor to the unique adult learning Glocal College. Check out Malmö Bike Tour for more information on the tour and Glokala Folkhögskolan on the college. For the next three days, we will move to Ecotopia village near Tomelilla. We will live in eco-friendly cabins together with the local occupants, who will present the concept, philopsophy, and practical living in the Eco village. We will work with them on whatever is needed and the get locally produced, organic food and make the food ourselves. The programme also includes a trip to the nearby Baskemölla Ecovillage, where we get a presentation and guided tour. The visit here concludes with a visit to Österlen College and exchange with students of the college. From here the Sustainable Living study tour will sail over to the Bright Green Island of Bornholm. We will stay at the local folk high school with international students and staff. As we will arrive on a Saturday, we have the whole weekend to explore the island on our own. From Monday onward we will visit the best parts of the island to learn about their vision of becoming the Bright Green Island by 2020. The tour will include lectures, guided tours and interactions with the people behind the ‘bright green island’ vision. We will visit the climate solution biz center, go on a sustainable energy tour, partake in building an ecofriendly house and visit cradle to cradle resource management plant. We will also sail to the small island of Christiansø (also known as Ertholmene). Finally, there will be time to explore the island on bikes and taste the famous smoked fish at local restaurants. Relevant links: Bright Green Island Catalogue


International students need to pay all their tuition before the course start. The course cost covers room and board at the school as well as the two-week study tour in the middle of the semester.

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Total cost of folk high school stay and study tour

Autumn 2019 – 18 weeks – € 4,650 (DKK 34.300)

Expenses included:
• Travel costs to Sweden and Bornholm
• Overnight stay
• Breakfast
• Lectures and guided tours

Expenses not included:

• Travel insurance
• Non-specified meals and entrance fees to museums etc.
• Local transportation